‘…That’s A Word?’

The English language really baffles me at times. My friend’s English teacher once told him that pretty much anything can be classed as a word. ‘Anything, sir?’. ‘If it uses our alphabet’s letters, then… then yes, anything!’. He attempted to justify his point with the noise a baby makes (he even did an impression, which went something like *agooooo*); funnily enough, this won over my friend!

Almost all of the words that have a place in the dictionary have some justification for being there. They are  plausible, and can be applied in a social context. Though some words I’ll come across, and I feel the need to read them twice because I’m convinced that they are not real words. ‘How on earth did that get there?’ I ask myself, but given a bit of time I’ll put my ignorance aside and accept that it is a real word.

But then, that ‘trending’ word that just doesn’t appear to make sense sneakily makes its way into our surrounding dictionaries. I read an article that was recently posted on The Telegraph last night, and boy was it a face-palm moment. Collin’s English Dictionary receive thousands of submissions for newly created words on a regular basis, from the enthusiastic to just the down right mind-boggling. But from a bit of persistence, two new creations have officially made it into our vocabulary. Brace yourselves…

‘Amazeballs’ and ‘Lolz’.

Two words that i hear just about everywhere, and two cringe-worthy ones at that! However, I’ll have to accept that they’re now a part of our everyday vocabulary. The silliness of them aside, it is quite cool that with enough enthusiasm and persistence, Collins are willing to add pretty much ANY new word to the dictionary. They stated that “as the pace of change within the English language continues to accelerate, the contributions by eagle-eyed and sharp-eared word-spotters will become increasingly important.” Food for thought – will the next generation and the generation after that be sprouting a whole new range of words? It just makes you wonder how much of your own language you will actually recognise.

So there you have it – start getting creative and make your own contribution to the English speaking world! Just not ‘yolo’, please anything but ‘yolo’…