Project ‘IGN Freelance’

 *Cue cliche* every once in a while, that opportunity comes along that you’ve just got to grab; like claiming an abandoned tenner in the street or stashing up on free food samples in ASDA. Mine is a little less cheap than the previous examples, which I may or may not have done.

IGN, a pretty mahoosive entertainment website, are posting entries to adopt a new freelance writer, which is as good news to me as the above Stormtrooper discovering that Mrs Stormtrooper was pregnant! It’s required that you complete three samples and submit them, so I’ll be sure to post my entries on here – any feedback would be very much welcome… or if you have any free food samples, they too wouldn’t go amiss!

AdrianCharlesHoran – Update

Now that the ridiculously snazzy picture above caught your attention, a quick update – just to let my readers know that I’ll be changing my publishing days from Wednesday and Sunday to Monday and Thursday. What time, you ask? Well, I don’t want to become too predictable, do I? Stay tuned, and in the meantime, check out some of my other blog posts on my web page. Happy blogging!

In The Hotseat – With MadelinAdenaSmith

‘My fellow bloggers, meet Adrian Charles Horan, the cool and utterly talented prodigy who’s taking England, and not to mention, the blogosphere, by storm. He’s Fred Weasley (or is it George?) come to life— with the twin brother, wit, and humor to match. I’ve been following him for quite a while now and decided it was high time to reach out and see just who Adrian is and what he’s all about. I hope you enjoy it. I surely did!

Madelin: Hey Adrian! I’m freaking STOKED about this interview. Thanks for agreeing to it!

Adrian: It’s my pleasure, Madelin. Usually, I begin to stutter and panic in a Professor Quirrell-like manner at the thought of an interview; but this is a blogging interview – and anything with the word ‘blogging’ in front of it gets me pretty stoked, too!

Madelin: I’m such a fan of your work! Your words are brimming with life, charm, and some serious style, my friend, and I always feel uplifted when I read your writing. How did you come to be a writer?

Adrian: I’d love to be in the position to tell you that it’s always been my life-long dream? However, that would be a cheeky lie, as I either wanted to grow up to be Doctor Who or the owner of my own, miniature-scale ‘JurassicPark’! Cool, huh? Well, the academic reason is to strengthen my portfolio as a wanna-be Journalist; yet, I guess it was to combine my three passions – humour, philosophy and waffle. I’m still young, so as I begin to grow, so too does the world. I felt blogging was the best way was to help me capture it and expand my own imagination, as well as that of others. Oh, and for the ‘lol’s. Always for the ‘lol’s.

Madelin: Between you wanting to own your own miniature-scale Jurassic Park and I wanting to be Peter Pan, I’d say we’re pretty practical thinkers, wouldn’t you?! So tell me a little bit about yourself: Where you’re from, what’s important to you, what you’re doing in life, how you define yourself.

Adrian: *Sigh*, Doncaster, England. I know you’re supposed to be proud about the place where you come from? Yet, as a city, we boast the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Yorkshire and… Jeremy Clarkson. We receive a lot of stigma! I don’t think that all matters, I’m just being silly. To me, it’s not about where you come from or how much you dislike Jeremy Clarkson; it’s about recognizing what makes you unique, what you enjoy and just making the most of that combination. Although, I wouldn’t recommend doing so if your talent and hobby is to lick your elbow. That may not get you many places apart from a circus show!

Madelin: Truth. Although the circus has admittedly always fascinated me…Now tell me your wildest professional dream for the future. GO!

Adrian: To have my name printed on at least some kind of produce. I can see it now, ‘And Always – It Has To Be Horan’s’… does that have a ring to it?

Madelin: Ah yes… to have a head of lettuce named after me, that really would just be the end-all for me. I could die happy. Now, I can tell from your writing that you read a lot. What’s on your bookshelf?

Adrian: Oh boy, do I! I’ll admit, it strikes the perfect balance between childhood nostalgia and boring books that are ‘good for the mind and my education’ *tsk*. Just for a tease, I will share five selections with you: J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, Plato’s ‘The Republic’ (Madelin, I told you I’d get it for Christmas!), Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’, the majority of the ‘Horrible Histories’ collection and finally, all of the ‘Harry Potter’ books – because that wasn’t going to pop up!

Madelin: Glad to hear you got The Republic. It really is one of my favorites in terms of more academic literature. And who could live without HP? I read them in three languages. I think I win the dork award here. Just call me Luna Lovegood…though if I were actually a character in Harry Potter I would probably be Professor Trelawney reading tea leaves and coffee grinds in a dimly-lit room smelling of frankincense. What do you think about those bug-eye glasses? Do you think I could rock them?

Joking. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re the spokesman for your generation. What message comes to mind?

Adrian: I’m tempted to throw in One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’ as, let’s face it, that’s what will inspire a large majority of my generation. Instead, I’ll go all patriotic and just provide you with the quote on my blog – “An idea is never given to you without you being given the power to make it.”.

Madelin: You know full well that I support that concept 5000%. What about your personal message for the world? What’s your philosophy?

Adrian: Don’t stop believing – and hold on to that feeling! Please don’t sue me for copyright?

Madelin: I won’t tell a soul.

So without stating the blatantly obvious, I’m American. You’re British. What’s your take on diversity, and, by extension, international affairs?

Adrian: Well I think us just having this interview is a brilliant example of how diversity, in a way, brings people together. Naww, I just read how soppy that sounds *wipes tear*. Personally, I think diversity is the reason we have the world in which we live in today. Different cultures, different tastes, different perspectives on what is essentially an identical planet to us all. International affairs in particular are essential for bringing this diversity to the span of the globe – Nick Griffin, I hope you’re reading this!

Madelin: OK. Last question, I promise. I’m making your mind work over here! Who or what inspires you?

Adrian: You, Madelin, of course! Aww shucks, I’ve gone red I tells ya. What I meant to say was the likes of bloggers such as yourself, Chris Martin and my Mum and Dad – never failing to plant wise words into my little noggin’.

Madelin: I just got ranked next to Chris Martin? Don’t make me blush over here! Any last words? (without sounding morbid…)

Adrian: Th-th-th- that’s all, folks!

Madelin: You would say that. Well it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you again! Mille fois merci, as they say en francais.

Adrian: *Giggles*, I actually understood what you said – it seems my GCSE French came in handy! A thousand times thank you also, I’ve really enjoyed having an interview that doesn’t have a job post at the end… unless there’s one going? Am I coming across as desperate?

Madelin: Hahaha, not in the least. You always manage to make me laugh (out loud). Thanks for chatting with me. I know my readers are going to fall in love with you! Perhaps you should send me your address so everyone knows where to send the chocolates, roses, and love ballads.’

Make sure you check out more dysfunctional brilliance like this at Madelin’s website, right here.

Keep Calm And Return To Blogging!

Those three words… just three words of an entire language that hold such depth, such power. Each word seems insignificant on its own; yet, as a trio? They can either become a meaningful statement or just another, empty slip-of-the-tongue. We do not say them often; yet, when we do, they can have quite an impact on its recipient. I think it’s safe to say we’re on the same page, right? Good, then if you don’t mind I’ll just speak them out loud for peace of mind. *Ahem*:

I’ll Be Back

Ahhhh, that felt great just to get them out of my system. Wait a minute… were you expecting ‘I love you’ ? I’m sorry I, I just don’t feel the same! Besides, ‘I’ll Be Back’ are the real three words, not those of Cheryl Tweedy Cole! The words ‘I’ll Be Back’ were made famous (or infamous considering what violent act happened shortly afterwards, involving a police car, an angry cyborg and a helpless police officer) by none another than Austria’s largest export and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay, so he is famous for other attributes. Whether that be his guns (Arnie is applicable to both connotations of the word) or ‘GET TO DA CHORPAAA!’. You just read that in his accent, didn’t you? Don’t worry, so did I! However, it is ‘I’ll Be Back’ that I associate with Arnie the most for two reasons: 1. He meant it. 2. He came back in styyyyyle. Two main things that must be considered whenever you speak this phrase.

Just like ‘The Clash’, sometimes in life we have this one dilemma – should I stay or should I go? We ask ourselves, that if we decide to leave something, why do we leave it? What are the consequences of leaving it? Would it be better if I didn’t? I, sadly, was recently faced with this dilemma in the past month. Exam month, to be precise. As it loomed on the horizon, I saw that my regular, daily routine went *kapeesh* in a cloud of stress. Normally, I have the comfort of knowing when to do something and when not to. Yet, it became slightly uncomfortable when I had to admit defeat, face the facts that I couldn’t keep everything up. I had to drop everything. My social life, my ‘me time’ and unfortunately? My blog. I had to stare my blog, my viewers and my friends in the face and just say three words. I’ll Be Back. Even whilst sitting my exams, I was thinking about how my daily views would just plummet to 0, or how the name ‘AdrianCharlieHoran’ would become a relic of the past. Two weeks without blogging is essentially an eternity for a blogger.

Whilst I may not be as bulky as Arnold, we do share two things in common. We are both twins, except mine looks like myself and not Danny Devito; and I meant it when I said ‘I’ll Be Back’. Let’s face it, when the clingy kid with no other mutual friends on Facebook wants to talk to you, you say ‘Brb’. Do you mean that? Hah, no one ever does! We don’t even come back in style, we just log off our computers and forget about it all. The important thing is that when we leave something, or someone, on hold for our own benefit? We come back with such charisma that it’s like we never left at all. It may have been two weeks since I last blogged, but thankfully Judgement Month has now met its end and my routine has returned back to normal. I now come back and with style, as I’ll be blogging regularly again, so I give you permission to sing out loud in praise like your stereotypical, black gospel choir! Thank you for those who still read my blog during my absence and for those in my position at this present time? I’m sure you’re feeling a bit of this right now:

Use The Revision Guide, Young Adrian – May The Exams Be With You

Judgement Month is upon me. Myself and hundreds of thousands of other students sit here anxiously as our ancient enemy, the ‘exam’ (saying its name gives me goosebumps!) readies itself for another, mind-boggling battle. January. The first month of the year, which is supposedly meant to be filled with prosperity and hope for the new year… but instead? It is filled with revision, stress, caffeine, more stress, more revision and even more caffeine. Sadly, I had this great idea for a new post tonight on ‘Time’. Yet because I’ve walked into my own ‘ironic trap’, I’ve run out of such a concept to finish writing it! My exams begin at the end of this week and my head needs a fillin’ with fact after useless fact. I’ll be sure to post it next Sunday as my exams begin to cool down – for now? I hope I haven’t disappointed the blogging community too much and for all those exam-takers in my position; well, use the revision guide, young *insert name here*. Best of luck and I’ll see you on the other side. Take care, readers!

We Will Be With You Momentarily…

Hey you… yeah, you, WordPress reader! Listen, AdrianCharlieHoran is posting a New Years themed post, tomorrow night at 8pm, right here on his blog. He says he didn’t post today as he’s saving this article for tomorrow night, got it? Good… you didn’t hear this from me! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your next door neighbour with the cat. He says it’s gonna be quite a read… and there’ll be fireworks. Muhahah, farewell!

Live From His Dad’s iPad – WordPress Presents The AdrianCharlieHoran Blog Awards!

The Award Ceremony. For generation after generation, the arrogant, the desperate and the determined have all huddled together in the same, slightly awkward room/blogging forum/*insert other meeting place here* to receive a glamorous accolade for all of their achievements. Whether that be a BAFTA, a Nobel Prize or a Stinky Shoe Award (this award genuinely exists. Not the most prestigious award in the world… though an achievement is an achievement, regardless of whether your pride and personal hygiene are at stake ), awards just keep on coming just about as long as we keep on giving. Though, we can’t just have a ‘congratulations’, *shakes hand* and be done with it! We like to make it a big deal, for one reason or another. Balloons, celebrities, music and the after parties. There are always the after parties. Have I ever been to an award ceremony? No… no, not really. Would I like to host one? HELL YEAH. Tonight, AdrianCharlesHoran is hosting his very own ‘Unofficial Blogging Awards Ceremony 2012’! *Cue award ceremony music, attempt to dramatically open red curtain. Sulk in disappointment as there is no red curtain* Yeah, did I mention I’m hosting this from my Dad’s i-Pad in my dining room? Feel free to throw your rotten tomatoes, my budget is a grand total of £0. Yet a wonderful spectacle once said ‘the best things in life are free’, so let’s commence with the show/blog post:


Our first award is the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. It looks quite alien to me at this moment in time as I have never come across it before, but I was nominated by The Jenny Mac Book Blog for this ‘extra terrestrial’. She has an interesting, ever-expanding blog that I highly recommend you check out! Whilst I may be the presenter of this show, I’ll just accept this award momentarily:

Name is announced. Pulls the ‘I wasn’t expecting this at all’ face, but shouts ‘Hahaha I won!’ inside. Thanks friends and family who may not even be reading this, thanks made up characters to make it seem as if I have more friends than I do. Strolls back to seat in celebratory fashion.

Now the award asks that I give a little something back by nominating 14 other bloggers. This is possibly the one and only occasion I have ever read the terms and conditions:

To all those who were nominated? Congratulations! To all those who weren’t? Put on your ‘Gracious Looser Face’, it’s only for the best.


Just like a morbidly obese child at an ‘all you can eat’ buffet, I’ve always enjoyed going back for seconds. That is why I’m delighted that my second award is The Versatile Blogger award, my second nomination for this accolade. I was nominated by moonstonemaiden for this award, a writing enthusiast who I wish would never stop writing. Her blog is a delightful read, I hope the previous link gets ‘clicked’ numerous times! Though just like ‘Safestyle U.K.’  let me use a certain phrase:

You bah one yer get one free, a say yer bah one yer get one free!

Hopefully you understood that was a poor, linguistic attempt at showing a Yorskhire accent? Whilst this may not be a window, I’ll also throw in this blogging award for free thanks to The Life Of A Thinker making this my second nomination for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. A charming blogger who likes to write just a little something about everything. Unfortunately, this fictional awards ceremony is short-staffed, so I may have to present myself with my own award again – I’m not vain, I promise you. As I’ve received these awards before, I’ll limit the number of nominees to just 5 as, well… these awards will be running all over the place if I nominate 15 again! Here is the magic five:

All of their blogs do exactly what it says on the tin/on the giant colourful boxes as presented above – keep up the good work! Now, for those eager to learn, here are five facts about myself:

1. One of my eyes are blue – my black and white display picture isn’t the best identifier of such a feature.

2. My dancing skills are appalling, but I can do a not-so-shabby robot if ever a request is given. Don’t doubt the mystical power of the comment’s section, your wish just might come true!

3. My favourite day of the year is the 31st of January – here’s to new beginnings, Jools Holland and a heck of a lot of champagne!

4. Top Trumps is the best way to spend a car journey in my opinion. By the time I’ve ‘I Spied’ something we’re five miles ahead of where it was when it was guessed – this will always stay in your car! Unless opening your car window was the worst mistake you ever made…

5. The other eye is also blue. Gotchya!

There’re more awards where that came from, huh? I’ve just realized that the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards are also on at this time… I like a bit of competition now and again! Plus, you can’t record this on your Sky Plus box so I definitely recommend staying to read the rest. But I can read it whenever I want? …touche. This is my second nomination for this award and I’d like to thank Midnight Blossoms for nominating me, her blog makes me hungry and if you check it out you will certainly see why! This is awarded to anyone 200 followers or less. Thankfully, my blog hasn’t rocketed into a colourful array of magical success that my followers are above 200. In fact, they are just below 200. I know – saaaaneaky! My nominator has given me ten questions to answer – because I’ve always wanted to speak as the ‘Ginger Dragon’ herself, I’ll answer these in the style of ‘The Weakest Link’. You can’t say I’m not good to you, readers!

Who should have spent their money on a brain implant? Who obviously skipped school and bail? Why do I always raise my eyebrows in such a suggestive manner? It’s time to find out in The Weakest Link *Commence theme tune*

1. Adrian, is there anything you can’t do? No. Wrong, you can’t answer this question.

2. What kind of foods do you like the most? Pasta and Pizza? Correct.

3. What is your favourite colour? Red. Correct.


4. What is your favourite movie? Toy Story – it’s funny and I’m childish. Correct. 

5. House or apartment? Apartment. Wrong – you’re too lazy.

6. What is the best thing that has happened to you? My Blog? Correct.

7. What is your biggest fear? You? It was death, but I’ll allow it.

8. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Plenty Correct.


9. Iphone or Android? Android. Correct.

10.What is your favorite website and why? IGN – I’m a male teenager. Correct 

*Commence theme music*

Adrian, you answered 8/10 correct but only banked a total of four blog award. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all? You it seems! You are The Weakest Link… goodbye!

Here are my 10 questions:

  1. You have one wish – what is it?
  2. To be or not to be?
  3. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen?
  4. Do you prefer your Mum or your Dad? Why?
  5. Who is your favourite band?
  6. What would you change about yourself? Why?
  7. Ham or Cheese?
  8. What is your favourite TV show? Why?
  9. If you could control the future or the past – which one?
  10. What would you name your alter ego?

Aaaaaaaaaaand the nominees are:

By now, I’m sure the BBC have ended their showing of the Sports Personality of the Year – now it is time for me to end mine! Don’t you worry, there are plenty of imaginary sandwiches at the back of the room and you can also pay a visit to the imaginary cocktail bar to end what has been an incredible night. Thank you for reading and let’s hope ITV read this and make this an annual televised event! Who am I kidding, my fingers will be crossed for all eternity until that happens…

It’s… It’s Not You, It’s Me!

LOOK AT THE SAD KITTY! Why is it sad, might you ask? Mate, because it’s clearly photoshopped! Okay, buddy, no heckling we have a sad kitten, here, show some respect. I’ll tell you why this little kitty is sad – because sadly AdrianCharlesHoran has to go without a new, lovely post tonight. *Boos extensively*, tell me about it, I know! It’s… it’s not you it’s me. Whilst I may be rubbish at juggling in a physical manner (if you ever see me attempting to juggle? Flee for your own safety!) I’m also not so great in a metaphorical sense, either. Today has been an incredibly manic day and I’m afraid this blog will have to remain untouched until my next posting day as it’ll be the same for the next few days. Don’t you worry, readers, I’ll take up juggling AND I’ll be sure to do my blog on the Saturday as opposed to the Sunday just for making a young kitten cry. I know, I know, who does that! In time, this kitty will find happiness. You may sleep calmly tonight, I’ve got this covered! There’s a whole collection of posts on my blog for you to take a gander at, so don’t be afraid to check them out. If you do? Well, let me show you just what a little bit of reading can do:

Just look at that cheeky smile! I think we know what’s at stake here…

Good Job Little Blogger!

Go on, you deserve a pat on the back! This is something that I long for in life; yet, just like his manly friend ‘the handshake’ and his other, slightly metrosexual buddy ‘the hug’, we can’t use them once we receive them. In a physical sense, I mean. Think about birthdays – you’re celebrating a day where close friends and family hold the meaning of ‘Well done, you! *Insert number here* years ago, you were conceived!’. Regardless of the fact it was not by your own doing (you’ve heard the birds and the bees – I think you know whose doing it was by) you want rewards just being you. However, we can’t help but quote Stewie Griffin when we merely receive a card:


Okay, despite us being incredibly materialistic just one day a year (well, make that two considering the camp, sparkly day of Saint Nick/Jesus Christ arriving in twenty-three days time), I see the point behind it. We can’t spend this card, we can’t really give it to others but… it sure is nice to receive one. It’s the same behind the ever-growing mystery of a ‘Pat On The Back’. Why does gently patting your hand onto someone’s back (the key word is gently. No harder, people, you don’t want to be charged for assault!) mean such a great deal? Surely a note with Queen Lizzy’s face on it would do the trick nicely? Wipe those pound signs from your eyeballs, Scrooge! After all, now that it’s the festive season, it’s all about the sentiment.

I remember back in primary school (Ahhh the days when you could draw a giant heap of a mess which you called a ‘spider’ and be congratulated for. Now? I just admit I can’t draw!) we had these certificates given out every Friday for ‘A Job Well Done’. Whether it because you sat upright during an entire production of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, or for getting 20/20 on a spelling test. Heck, even for just learning that eating felt tip pens isn’t good for you! Every so often it’s just encouraging to know that you’re doing something right. It stimulates us to possibly just do it all over again and get another certificate. However, I know that the ‘Pat On The Back’ isn’t for all of the ‘arse-kissers’ (no comment, cheeky people) and ‘goody two-shoes’ – sometimes we need a bit of praise even if we aren’t doing the right thing. If you’ve seen ‘The One Where Joey Speaks French’ on ‘Friends’ – you’ll get where I’m coming from. Even though his French was, ermmm… different to what the director wanted, he still congratulated him afterwards with ‘Good job, little buddy. That was some really good French. But I think we’re gonna go with someone else for the part.’ Okay, this may have been because Phoebe said he was retarded, but you get the picture. Whether we’re doing it right or wrong, it feels good to receive several taps on the back from either our own hand or somebody elses. Though, you might look silly tapping your own back, remember that!

Recently, I’ve received a pat on the back in the form of another blogging award. This is your real mother speaking, a humorous, witty and honest mother/story writer nominated me for what is known as ‘The Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Her blog is such a brilliant read and I’d really recommend you check it out, she deserves numerous pats on the backs!

Before I place this award on my metaphorical ‘Award Shelf’, I am required to tell you seven, interesting things about myself and my personal life. No judgements, people, I am willing to embarrass myself publicly for you people! Here we go:

  1. I’ve only ever broken one part to my body. No, no not my heart, I’m not that soppy. It was in fact my arm. When I was 8, myself, Dad and my brother went to play football at the field. Being a young David Beckham (I’ll let you judge this once), I start passing the ball between my legs, slipped on it and landed on my arm. Yes, I fouled myself! I’d never cried and laughed so much in one, single moment – though wearing a cast for a month wasn’t so funny!
  2. My ‘star-sign’ is Taurus i.e. I am a bull in our world ‘the china shop’. So be kind and buy me sweets every once in a while, or else I might just go all ‘HULK SMASH’ on you. I’m generally a nice person, but if astrology says other wise? I ain’t one to argue!
  3. My advent calendar of choice is a festive Homer Simpson one. It’s been the same for four years and counting. Yet ‘D’oh D’oh D’oh Merrrrrry Christmas!’ still gets me every time. I’m easily amused I’ll have you know.
  4. My mobile phone is a ‘Samsung Galaxy Ace’. Ironically, I have no more knowledge of our galaxy since its purchase and I’ll go as far as to say that it is not ace, considering it is currently blocking incoming text messages. Does someone need to change its title? I think so! At least they got the ‘Samsung’ part right *applauds sarcastically*.
  5. Recently, I dressed up as ‘Fred’ with my twin brother ‘George’ for a Harry Potter ‘dress-up’ day. After much effort and persuasion, my Mum called it quits and allowed us to completely spray our hair bright ginger. Surprisingly, we weren’t beaten up! Our friends said it was ‘an early christmas miracle’ to see and passing drivers never failed to look at our *ahem* ostentatious appearance. Who knows – J.K. Rowling might ring us up if ever she makes an eighth book! My fingers are still crossed…
  6. I’m a sucker for learning new accents. I did GCSE Drama two years ago and my poor throat had to engage in a lot of multicultural shenanigans. Whether it be doing an impression of a black righteous vicar, a German, Gok Wan, Bubbles Devere from Little Britain, a T-Rex or Santa Clause? Let’s just say I’m one helluva time at parties! I’m still working on my clown impression, though, it’s a work in progress.
  7. My favourite morning drink is apple juice. Seriously, every single morning. If you were to receive a sample of my blood, it will most definitely consist of more apple juice than blood. No funny ideas, buddy, don’t go checking now, this is my apple juice fluid!

The reward also expects me to select 7 ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ who also deserve this award. I can’t get away with receiving this award that easily:

Please do extensively pat these people on the back and check them out! I must end this post here, folks, as I now let my Christmas festivity ooze from me as I revise for a Biology mock test. *Sigh*, this pat better be worth it…

Once, Twice, Three Times A Blogger

Whoever suggested that the number three is a magical number is a wonderful chap/chappette. In fact, I’d quite possibly shake their hand to express my gratitude to them – three times, just to exaggerate my appreciation! Look around you, notice how good things always come in threes? The Subway ‘Meal Deal’ is £3.00, The Lord of the Rings is a trilogy, a Shamrock is a three-leaf clover and, not to blow my own trumpet (which has three valves, just sayin’) but I was born as a set of three. *Ahem*, need I say more? Oh, wait, I’ve just included four examples instead of three… okay, okay, my theory is slightly flawed here but at least my intentions were clear! Rather than seeing everything as one, separate entity in life, it’s just nice to accept that some things just can’t helped but be grouped with something else. Or with another something else, for that matter. Come on, would it be charming if there was just ‘One Blind Mouse’? Not really, it’d just seem cruel as to why this poor, blind little mouse has been mocked for years with nursery rhymes, rather than being notified to the RSPCA! How about ‘Two Men and a Baby’ as opposed to the film ‘Three Men and a Baby’? I know, I know – the title just has a bit of a ‘Gay Adoption Rights’ vibe to it. Consider four ‘life lines’ rather than three in a game of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ – you’d have a lot more millionaires skipping merrily through the streets throwing their cash around. It’s just part of the natural cycle of things – all good things come in threes.

Thankfully, AdrianCharlesHoran is just another addition to this natural order of things. I sit writing this post with a smile on my face (not just due to the fact that I’m currently wolfing down this apple crumble. If only this came in threes! ) as this post is to celebrate my third blogging award ceremony! *Balloons fall from ceiling, Adrian does the ‘Chandler Dance’ in excitement, sits down in embarrassment as Mum witnesses ‘Chandler Dance’* A big thank you to the humurous, addictive blog of nuderamblings for nominating me for the ‘Liebster Blog Award’, which is given to the talented, newcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers. I was braced for the end, considering my followers are nearing upon 200 and the possibilty of receiving a Liebster felt about as slim as finding a fresh water fountain in the Sahara Desert! However, thanks to some patience and a bit of the old ‘crossing of the fingers’ (works every time) I can finally accept that good things do come in threes as I feel honoured to accept this award:

Whilst I’ve never been one to ever read the ‘Terms And Conditions’ for something, merely click ‘agree’ straight away, I’ll make an exception for a blogging award. I’m expected to answer 11 questions, nominate 11 people for the award and provide them with 11 questions to answer. Yikes… my ‘rule of three’ flew straight out of the window there! Regardless, here are the 11 questions to answer as provided by nuderamblings:

1. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

What wouldn’t I do for a Klondike Bar is a better question! Wait, in fact… nothing, considering as I have just ‘Googled’ the name of this foreign sounding bar of chocolatey goodness.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live?

I know that I’m suppossed to be proud of where I live – but why stay in rainy, rainy England when I can spend my life drinking Guiness, speaking with an Irish accent and listening to U2 in Ireland? Okay, so I might have just decribed my Dad with a hint of casual racism…

3. White or red wine?

Neither – I’m underrage! Adrian Horan – providing a role model for the modern youth since 1995.

4. Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp chocolate factory? (Sidenote, Johnny Depp is the only man who can still go by “Johnny” after 15 and still be sexy)

Gene Wilder – he hasn’t had the chance to play Jack Sparrow yet. When he does, I might consider Johnny Depp.

5. What do you like most about your job?

The ‘part-time’ aspect of it; full-time work for a 17 year old? I’ll pass!

6. Who was/is your favourite Spice Girl and why?

Is none a credible answer to this question?

7. What would you consider the biggest insult to yourself?

‘Hi Anthony! It is Anthony, right?’

8. What is the strangest item in your home?

The ‘FECK’ regplate above our kitchen door. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say…

9. When was the last time you climbed a tree?

When I was 13 and I fell right off of it. It certainly will be the last time!

10. Do you make your bed everyday? (This is a no judgement zone people)

I, er… No not really. Do you make your bed everyday?

11. What is your favourite holiday? Why? (Birthdays count)

May 12th – three birthday celebrations on one day? My pleasure!

Here are the 11 questions I’ll provide to my 11 nominees:

1. Scone (S gone) or Scone? (Sc own)

2. What is the most adventerous thing you have ever done?

3. You’re stranded on a desert island which, funnily enough, has a portable music player on it. What are your five albums of choice?

4. Who is your favourite celebrity?

5. What do you consider to be your biggest flaw?

6. If you regret doing one thing, what would it be?

7. We all have one – what is your hidden talent?

8. What is your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?

9. What would you say is the world’s coolest job occupation?

10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

11. James Bond or Harry Potter?

Here are my selected nominees:

My apologies if any of you have over 200 followers – my I.C.T. skills would be at an incredible fault if that is the case! Congratulations to all of the nominees and thank you for reading folks. Also, let me provide you with a leaving tip – why not sing Lionel Richie’s ‘Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady’, but replace the ‘lady’ with something else? Hopefully that’ll convert you to my side where everything is much better in threes – muhahah!