Facebook, You Win The Internet!


Facebook, you’re the one who:

  • lets me know who went out on X Factor without having to watch it
  • gets me into a bit of bother when I’ve ‘seen’ a message and not replied
  • allows me to continuously poke a complete stranger without them taking legal action against me
  • gives me more drama on my news feed than Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher having a ‘slap-off’ in The Queen Vic

But most importantly, Facebook, you put that goofy smile on my face (you know, the one that makes others feel socially awkward?) when I find amusing pictures on my news feed. Facebook, buddy, here are 10 reasons why you win the internet:

10. Pikachu and Raichu Charging


Both incredibly cute and an answer to one of the many questions I asked when playing Pokemon. Ash Ketchum has no excuse whatsoever to complain about low phone battery.

     9. Photo, Photo, Photo!


Sadly, I can’t comment as I don’t consider myself to be any of these groups. Also, is that Asian guy twerking with a camera?

     8. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart


*Raises guns in air* PUN, PUN, PUN! I’m a sucker for them, they really do crack me up, I scramble every time I hear them. I’m only yolking… too much, right?

     7. We Will Rock U


I’m sorry if the title ruined the aim of the photo, but, anyone who wasn’t Patrick Star could have guessed that one. In fact, even he could, the guy has a pet rock! Don’t put yourself down too much, eh?

6. How To: Draw A Horse


     *Sigh*, I reach stage four and just can’t get any further than that. Every damn time. It’s scenarios like this when I know why I’m not an art graduate… or a tourist… or an Asian really.

5. Dafuq Just Happened?


This happens to me pretty much every single day. Well, the ‘fast forward in time’ scenario, not waking up as a black man. In case I get hate mail from that, it was merely an observation and not racism!

     4. You’re A Lizard, Harry


     It’s a lizard in a wizard costume, need I say more? I once dressed my cat up in baby clothes when I was little – do I beat the owner of this lizard to the ‘Animal Cruelty Award’? :/



I’ll bet you five quid that Wile E. Coyote was driving that truck. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED!

     2. Meow


Dog-lovers are known for being really active and social people who get out a lot. This, as cat-lovers, is literally what we do. Lily, I’m sorry for all of the horrible things I’ve said to you over the years, I did it with good intentions at heart/ Meow.

     1. Unsuccessful Cadbury Application


Personally, I wouldn’t have the guts to do something like this – I’m just glad there exists a type of person who would! Am I the only one who wants to know where this guy works now?

Well played, Facebook, well played. Thanks for reading, folks. If it helps? You were all runners up for winning the internet!

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