In The Hotseat – With MadelinAdenaSmith

‘My fellow bloggers, meet Adrian Charles Horan, the cool and utterly talented prodigy who’s taking England, and not to mention, the blogosphere, by storm. He’s Fred Weasley (or is it George?) come to life— with the twin brother, wit, and humor to match. I’ve been following him for quite a while now and decided it was high time to reach out and see just who Adrian is and what he’s all about. I hope you enjoy it. I surely did!

Madelin: Hey Adrian! I’m freaking STOKED about this interview. Thanks for agreeing to it!

Adrian: It’s my pleasure, Madelin. Usually, I begin to stutter and panic in a Professor Quirrell-like manner at the thought of an interview; but this is a blogging interview – and anything with the word ‘blogging’ in front of it gets me pretty stoked, too!

Madelin: I’m such a fan of your work! Your words are brimming with life, charm, and some serious style, my friend, and I always feel uplifted when I read your writing. How did you come to be a writer?

Adrian: I’d love to be in the position to tell you that it’s always been my life-long dream? However, that would be a cheeky lie, as I either wanted to grow up to be Doctor Who or the owner of my own, miniature-scale ‘JurassicPark’! Cool, huh? Well, the academic reason is to strengthen my portfolio as a wanna-be Journalist; yet, I guess it was to combine my three passions – humour, philosophy and waffle. I’m still young, so as I begin to grow, so too does the world. I felt blogging was the best way was to help me capture it and expand my own imagination, as well as that of others. Oh, and for the ‘lol’s. Always for the ‘lol’s.

Madelin: Between you wanting to own your own miniature-scale Jurassic Park and I wanting to be Peter Pan, I’d say we’re pretty practical thinkers, wouldn’t you?! So tell me a little bit about yourself: Where you’re from, what’s important to you, what you’re doing in life, how you define yourself.

Adrian: *Sigh*, Doncaster, England. I know you’re supposed to be proud about the place where you come from? Yet, as a city, we boast the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Yorkshire and… Jeremy Clarkson. We receive a lot of stigma! I don’t think that all matters, I’m just being silly. To me, it’s not about where you come from or how much you dislike Jeremy Clarkson; it’s about recognizing what makes you unique, what you enjoy and just making the most of that combination. Although, I wouldn’t recommend doing so if your talent and hobby is to lick your elbow. That may not get you many places apart from a circus show!

Madelin: Truth. Although the circus has admittedly always fascinated me…Now tell me your wildest professional dream for the future. GO!

Adrian: To have my name printed on at least some kind of produce. I can see it now, ‘And Always – It Has To Be Horan’s’… does that have a ring to it?

Madelin: Ah yes… to have a head of lettuce named after me, that really would just be the end-all for me. I could die happy. Now, I can tell from your writing that you read a lot. What’s on your bookshelf?

Adrian: Oh boy, do I! I’ll admit, it strikes the perfect balance between childhood nostalgia and boring books that are ‘good for the mind and my education’ *tsk*. Just for a tease, I will share five selections with you: J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, Plato’s ‘The Republic’ (Madelin, I told you I’d get it for Christmas!), Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’, the majority of the ‘Horrible Histories’ collection and finally, all of the ‘Harry Potter’ books – because that wasn’t going to pop up!

Madelin: Glad to hear you got The Republic. It really is one of my favorites in terms of more academic literature. And who could live without HP? I read them in three languages. I think I win the dork award here. Just call me Luna Lovegood…though if I were actually a character in Harry Potter I would probably be Professor Trelawney reading tea leaves and coffee grinds in a dimly-lit room smelling of frankincense. What do you think about those bug-eye glasses? Do you think I could rock them?

Joking. Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re the spokesman for your generation. What message comes to mind?

Adrian: I’m tempted to throw in One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’ as, let’s face it, that’s what will inspire a large majority of my generation. Instead, I’ll go all patriotic and just provide you with the quote on my blog – “An idea is never given to you without you being given the power to make it.”.

Madelin: You know full well that I support that concept 5000%. What about your personal message for the world? What’s your philosophy?

Adrian: Don’t stop believing – and hold on to that feeling! Please don’t sue me for copyright?

Madelin: I won’t tell a soul.

So without stating the blatantly obvious, I’m American. You’re British. What’s your take on diversity, and, by extension, international affairs?

Adrian: Well I think us just having this interview is a brilliant example of how diversity, in a way, brings people together. Naww, I just read how soppy that sounds *wipes tear*. Personally, I think diversity is the reason we have the world in which we live in today. Different cultures, different tastes, different perspectives on what is essentially an identical planet to us all. International affairs in particular are essential for bringing this diversity to the span of the globe – Nick Griffin, I hope you’re reading this!

Madelin: OK. Last question, I promise. I’m making your mind work over here! Who or what inspires you?

Adrian: You, Madelin, of course! Aww shucks, I’ve gone red I tells ya. What I meant to say was the likes of bloggers such as yourself, Chris Martin and my Mum and Dad – never failing to plant wise words into my little noggin’.

Madelin: I just got ranked next to Chris Martin? Don’t make me blush over here! Any last words? (without sounding morbid…)

Adrian: Th-th-th- that’s all, folks!

Madelin: You would say that. Well it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you again! Mille fois merci, as they say en francais.

Adrian: *Giggles*, I actually understood what you said – it seems my GCSE French came in handy! A thousand times thank you also, I’ve really enjoyed having an interview that doesn’t have a job post at the end… unless there’s one going? Am I coming across as desperate?

Madelin: Hahaha, not in the least. You always manage to make me laugh (out loud). Thanks for chatting with me. I know my readers are going to fall in love with you! Perhaps you should send me your address so everyone knows where to send the chocolates, roses, and love ballads.’

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