Got Any (Room For) Spare Change?

Pre-warning – ‘change’, to make something different, not to be mixed up with the thing we throw in fountains and find down the backs of our sofas.

‘Keane’ – pardon this inexcusable pun, but I’m pretty *ahem*, ‘keen’ on them. Just like any sentimental teenager my age, I’m just a sucker for a thought-provoking set of lyrics (unlike Madonna, whose lyrics are about as useful to me as the free gift in a Christmas cracker). With nothing meaningful to watch on the t.v., I plug-in my headphones and let the tunes/inspiration flood into my head. Today, that came to me in the form of Keane’s ‘Everybody’s Changing’. Not because it inspired me to sing it out loud and look like an idiot in front of my Mum; nor to inspire me to tap my foot rapidly on the ground to the rhythm of the beat; but instead to think about my life and how, well, everybody’s changing and I don’t know why.

For anyone my age, I”m sure you can relate when I say that I’m stuck between *insert cliche here*, a rock and a hard place. That rock being my A-Levels, being able to not panic, pass them well and, if necessary, hyperventilate into a brown paper bag; and university, where I’m expected to become a young adult and have a bitter taste of the wide, open world (sadly, I still have no clue how to cook, I suck my thumb from time to time and I love Spongebob Squarepants. What can I say?). No matter what I do, I have to begin to accept that everything’s change, as well as everybody I knew. ‘Everybody’s changing and I don’t know whyyyy’, I’d sing to myself – but some changes you just can’t change!

Yet, there are changes that have happened in our lives, because we’ve gone with the flow and not noticed they’ve gone (I blame YOLO. Always blame YOLO). Half term was a good kick of nostalgia up the backside to remember what I once had. With a week on our hands and nadda to do but watch replays of ‘Friends’, me and my brother decided to rack out the board games from the cupboard, blow off the mounds of dust and have a friendly game/highly competetive battle of death of Simpson’s Chess! After about an hour of determination, perspiration, more determination, aggrivation and a bit more perspiration, we brought back something that had long become a distant memory. I’d forgot how good the simple times were. Change has made being a pro at ‘Guess Who’ and winning ‘Operation’ without a single buzz suckish, but instead getting a 25 Kill Streak on COD and 2 million points on Temple Run impressive! Seriously, if you escape from the changing, modern world for just a little while? It does a hell of a lot of good… mainly because I remembered how much better I was at chess than Anthony, BOOYAKASHA!

Despite my initial warning, this is what I like to call ‘sparing a little change’ – sparing this ‘change’ in our lives, and putting it to one lonely corner of our minds (quite like giving up the PS3 – we’ve parted ways. I’m re-reading Harry Potter and it’s doing a brilliant job of making me feel 12 years old again). In a world of Chinese Robot Restaurants and bracelets that light up every time you get a notification on your phone, it’s hard not to notice we’re subject to large changes. However, I’m forgetting that our parents are the key to ‘sparing a little change’. Like my Dad, I’m becoming quite like him (except with more hair, BURN) in that I’m still oldskool. As my friends make the most of i-Tunes and Spotify, I still treck to That’s Entertainment and buy 3 for £5 CDS. My best friend has a Kindle… I’m still that weirdo who sits in the corner at Waterstones taking in ‘the new book smell’! I know why everybody’s changing – but I know that I don’t have to.

Take this pixelated beef-cake, ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’. After many belly laughs, 3 for £1 ASDA sweets and ‘awwww’s later, I could not have been inspired more by this film as it taught me a valuable lesson. Okay, three:

  • The world would be a much tastier place if everything was made out of sweets and chocolate.
  • ‘Glitches’ have feelings too, ya know.
  • You don’t have to change who you are to change your life – only the way you see the world.

Living a monotonous life of wrecking a building, only to then be fixed by squeaky clean ‘Fix-It-Felix Jr.’, he wanted something different. He wanted to *gasps*, become the good guy and… no longer be the good guy? Sadly, despite his efforts, he couldn’t change himself from being the big-fisted, smash-em-up he is; however, after casually saving an arcade game from destruction, he began to change the way in which he saw the world (I might have casually inserted a quote from Mahatma Gandhi there?). Change isn’t a bad thing; but completely changing our lives because it goes at such a fast pace is never great either. Everybody might be changing; but for now? I’m just going to spare room for some spare change like uni, whilst still being a master at Top Trumps and playing Pokemon every now and again. One thing I won’t change is my diet – just for your amusement, I thought I would show you what that would do to me in the future. Here goes my pride:

Ady FatBooth

Yikes… you can’t say I don’t like to poke fun at myself now and again!

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