1. Half full… awesome!

2. *Ugh*, it’s half empty. Well that’s just great…

3. Seriously, it’s a glass of water, who gives a shit monkey’s?

Who would have thought filling a cup mid-way could provoke so many responses! It seems like a simple enough concept, right? Right? Sadly, I used to think it was – but it turns out, everyone has a little something to say about this half-filled glass of H20. Philosophers have questioned the logic of it; Scientists have attempted to provide an explanation for it, and Optimists and Pessimists have long fought to claim this idiom as their own. The Glass of Water debate – let me (being a pro at Pictionary, of course) sum up all of this aquatic nonsense in one word – Perspective. ‘Is… is that Jesus’ face in my coffee?’ ‘Dude, you crazy?’; ‘That cloud looks like a rabbit!’ ‘Really? Looks like a cloud to me.’; ‘M-m-mum, that cup just accidentally smashed onto the floor – it’s a ghost!’ ‘S-s-son, I just saw you trip and drop it. You’re paying for that.’ To look at something, like an object or a situation, and see it in a completely different way to someone else? As someone who I can’t remember probably might have once said – It’s All A Matter of Perspective.

Certainly, as Lent begins to kicks into its full ’40 Days and 40 Nights’ swing, I’m really beginning to see how important perspective is within our lives. What are you giving up for Lent? is the perfect question to ask if you really want to get perspective out in the open! At this time of year, 9/10 times we feel we owe it to J-man to give up something we take for granted, something we could do without for just a little while. On our own personal level, it feels as if it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do… but tell someone else? And they just might ‘LOL’ in your face at how pathetic you’re sounding. I’ll take myself on this one – in my perspective, I saw through my own square-eyes that I needed to part ways with my mechanical best friend, the Playstation 3. As I got my last kill streak on C.O.D., I put the controller away, said my goodbyes and shed a solemn tear as we parted for fourty long days and fourty sleepless nights. So, what did you give up for lent, Ady? I… * croak*, I had to give up the Playstation… *sniff*’ Oh… poor you, I guess? In someone else’s perspective, my heart-breaking decision was to them, a piece of cake. Or rather, a lack of cake, as they had given that up instead! Perspective always brings out something different in us, possibly even in the same situation.

Sadly, perspective has brought one bad thing into this world – your hormone-filled majesty, her royal ‘cry’ness, ‘The Drama Queen’. *Shudder*, sadly, these Queens do not create a good and prosperous society for their populace; they just create large mountains from molehills instead! It is in their perspective that things just really are worse than they may seem. Remember Veruca Salt from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (I WANT IT NOOOOOOW) ? In her perspective, Daddy’s wallet and a trip to a secret chocolate factory with colourful midgets singing show tunes just wasn’t enough for her! Thankfully, she was labelled as a ‘bad nut’ and herself, her perspective and her pride were all sent down a garbage shoot. So what good has perspective brought then?

Thankfully, perspective has brought a hell of a lot of good in our lives! We all live in the same world, surrounded by similar influences – but that doesn’t mean we all have to react in the same way. Piccasso, Da Vinci and MickyAngelo would have all started out with coloured paint; yet, they all saw the world they lived in a completely different way and chose to put brush to canvas and smere something completely different. Or even playing Pictionary – seriously, just draw a basic shape and you’ll be surprised what you get back. Perspective really does make the world an interesting, strange, dysfunctional, fun, entertaining place to be – just like a glass being both half full and empty, it can be all of them at once!

At first I thought it was because it was due to genetic differences; yet what amazes me is the fact that I share a completely different perspective on the world with my identical twin brother, Ant. We have the same hobbies, the same friends, the same diet… basically everything is the same. Though, we have grown up to want to do different things later in life and to achieve different things! Yeah, we do finish each others sentences and make a cracking ‘Fred and George’ impersonation act; but our perspectives just can’t be identical. It’s all a matter of perspective – the way you see the world is unique. You might see your cup half empty, or half full. Heck, you might even think ‘Ew, water’s gross, it doesn’t even taste of anything!’. But, whatever the measurement, your perspective might someday change the world. Though… if you do someday become inspired from this and get rich? Don’t forget whose perspective it was who inspired you! *nudge nudge*

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