Keep Calm And Return To Blogging!

Those three words… just three words of an entire language that hold such depth, such power. Each word seems insignificant on its own; yet, as a trio? They can either become a meaningful statement or just another, empty slip-of-the-tongue. We do not say them often; yet, when we do, they can have quite an impact on its recipient. I think it’s safe to say we’re on the same page, right? Good, then if you don’t mind I’ll just speak them out loud for peace of mind. *Ahem*:

I’ll Be Back

Ahhhh, that felt great just to get them out of my system. Wait a minute… were you expecting ‘I love you’ ? I’m sorry I, I just don’t feel the same! Besides, ‘I’ll Be Back’ are the real three words, not those of Cheryl Tweedy Cole! The words ‘I’ll Be Back’ were made famous (or infamous considering what violent act happened shortly afterwards, involving a police car, an angry cyborg and a helpless police officer) by none another than Austria’s largest export and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay, so he is famous for other attributes. Whether that be his guns (Arnie is applicable to both connotations of the word) or ‘GET TO DA CHORPAAA!’. You just read that in his accent, didn’t you? Don’t worry, so did I! However, it is ‘I’ll Be Back’ that I associate with Arnie the most for two reasons: 1. He meant it. 2. He came back in styyyyyle. Two main things that must be considered whenever you speak this phrase.

Just like ‘The Clash’, sometimes in life we have this one dilemma – should I stay or should I go? We ask ourselves, that if we decide to leave something, why do we leave it? What are the consequences of leaving it? Would it be better if I didn’t? I, sadly, was recently faced with this dilemma in the past month. Exam month, to be precise. As it loomed on the horizon, I saw that my regular, daily routine went *kapeesh* in a cloud of stress. Normally, I have the comfort of knowing when to do something and when not to. Yet, it became slightly uncomfortable when I had to admit defeat, face the facts that I couldn’t keep everything up. I had to drop everything. My social life, my ‘me time’ and unfortunately? My blog. I had to stare my blog, my viewers and my friends in the face and just say three words. I’ll Be Back. Even whilst sitting my exams, I was thinking about how my daily views would just plummet to 0, or how the name ‘AdrianCharlieHoran’ would become a relic of the past. Two weeks without blogging is essentially an eternity for a blogger.

Whilst I may not be as bulky as Arnold, we do share two things in common. We are both twins, except mine looks like myself and not Danny Devito; and I meant it when I said ‘I’ll Be Back’. Let’s face it, when the clingy kid with no other mutual friends on Facebook wants to talk to you, you say ‘Brb’. Do you mean that? Hah, no one ever does! We don’t even come back in style, we just log off our computers and forget about it all. The important thing is that when we leave something, or someone, on hold for our own benefit? We come back with such charisma that it’s like we never left at all. It may have been two weeks since I last blogged, but thankfully Judgement Month has now met its end and my routine has returned back to normal. I now come back and with style, as I’ll be blogging regularly again, so I give you permission to sing out loud in praise like your stereotypical, black gospel choir! Thank you for those who still read my blog during my absence and for those in my position at this present time? I’m sure you’re feeling a bit of this right now:

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