Live From His Dad’s iPad – WordPress Presents The AdrianCharlieHoran Blog Awards!

The Award Ceremony. For generation after generation, the arrogant, the desperate and the determined have all huddled together in the same, slightly awkward room/blogging forum/*insert other meeting place here* to receive a glamorous accolade for all of their achievements. Whether that be a BAFTA, a Nobel Prize or a Stinky Shoe Award (this award genuinely exists. Not the most prestigious award in the world… though an achievement is an achievement, regardless of whether your pride and personal hygiene are at stake ), awards just keep on coming just about as long as we keep on giving. Though, we can’t just have a ‘congratulations’, *shakes hand* and be done with it! We like to make it a big deal, for one reason or another. Balloons, celebrities, music and the after parties. There are always the after parties. Have I ever been to an award ceremony? No… no, not really. Would I like to host one? HELL YEAH. Tonight, AdrianCharlesHoran is hosting his very own ‘Unofficial Blogging Awards Ceremony 2012’! *Cue award ceremony music, attempt to dramatically open red curtain. Sulk in disappointment as there is no red curtain* Yeah, did I mention I’m hosting this from my Dad’s i-Pad in my dining room? Feel free to throw your rotten tomatoes, my budget is a grand total of £0. Yet a wonderful spectacle once said ‘the best things in life are free’, so let’s commence with the show/blog post:


Our first award is the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. It looks quite alien to me at this moment in time as I have never come across it before, but I was nominated by The Jenny Mac Book Blog for this ‘extra terrestrial’. She has an interesting, ever-expanding blog that I highly recommend you check out! Whilst I may be the presenter of this show, I’ll just accept this award momentarily:

Name is announced. Pulls the ‘I wasn’t expecting this at all’ face, but shouts ‘Hahaha I won!’ inside. Thanks friends and family who may not even be reading this, thanks made up characters to make it seem as if I have more friends than I do. Strolls back to seat in celebratory fashion.

Now the award asks that I give a little something back by nominating 14 other bloggers. This is possibly the one and only occasion I have ever read the terms and conditions:

To all those who were nominated? Congratulations! To all those who weren’t? Put on your ‘Gracious Looser Face’, it’s only for the best.


Just like a morbidly obese child at an ‘all you can eat’ buffet, I’ve always enjoyed going back for seconds. That is why I’m delighted that my second award is The Versatile Blogger award, my second nomination for this accolade. I was nominated by moonstonemaiden for this award, a writing enthusiast who I wish would never stop writing. Her blog is a delightful read, I hope the previous link gets ‘clicked’ numerous times! Though just like ‘Safestyle U.K.’  let me use a certain phrase:

You bah one yer get one free, a say yer bah one yer get one free!

Hopefully you understood that was a poor, linguistic attempt at showing a Yorskhire accent? Whilst this may not be a window, I’ll also throw in this blogging award for free thanks to The Life Of A Thinker making this my second nomination for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. A charming blogger who likes to write just a little something about everything. Unfortunately, this fictional awards ceremony is short-staffed, so I may have to present myself with my own award again – I’m not vain, I promise you. As I’ve received these awards before, I’ll limit the number of nominees to just 5 as, well… these awards will be running all over the place if I nominate 15 again! Here is the magic five:

All of their blogs do exactly what it says on the tin/on the giant colourful boxes as presented above – keep up the good work! Now, for those eager to learn, here are five facts about myself:

1. One of my eyes are blue – my black and white display picture isn’t the best identifier of such a feature.

2. My dancing skills are appalling, but I can do a not-so-shabby robot if ever a request is given. Don’t doubt the mystical power of the comment’s section, your wish just might come true!

3. My favourite day of the year is the 31st of January – here’s to new beginnings, Jools Holland and a heck of a lot of champagne!

4. Top Trumps is the best way to spend a car journey in my opinion. By the time I’ve ‘I Spied’ something we’re five miles ahead of where it was when it was guessed – this will always stay in your car! Unless opening your car window was the worst mistake you ever made…

5. The other eye is also blue. Gotchya!

There’re more awards where that came from, huh? I’ve just realized that the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards are also on at this time… I like a bit of competition now and again! Plus, you can’t record this on your Sky Plus box so I definitely recommend staying to read the rest. But I can read it whenever I want? …touche. This is my second nomination for this award and I’d like to thank Midnight Blossoms for nominating me, her blog makes me hungry and if you check it out you will certainly see why! This is awarded to anyone 200 followers or less. Thankfully, my blog hasn’t rocketed into a colourful array of magical success that my followers are above 200. In fact, they are just below 200. I know – saaaaneaky! My nominator has given me ten questions to answer – because I’ve always wanted to speak as the ‘Ginger Dragon’ herself, I’ll answer these in the style of ‘The Weakest Link’. You can’t say I’m not good to you, readers!

Who should have spent their money on a brain implant? Who obviously skipped school and bail? Why do I always raise my eyebrows in such a suggestive manner? It’s time to find out in The Weakest Link *Commence theme tune*

1. Adrian, is there anything you can’t do? No. Wrong, you can’t answer this question.

2. What kind of foods do you like the most? Pasta and Pizza? Correct.

3. What is your favourite colour? Red. Correct.


4. What is your favourite movie? Toy Story – it’s funny and I’m childish. Correct. 

5. House or apartment? Apartment. Wrong – you’re too lazy.

6. What is the best thing that has happened to you? My Blog? Correct.

7. What is your biggest fear? You? It was death, but I’ll allow it.

8. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Plenty Correct.


9. Iphone or Android? Android. Correct.

10.What is your favorite website and why? IGN – I’m a male teenager. Correct 

*Commence theme music*

Adrian, you answered 8/10 correct but only banked a total of four blog award. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all? You it seems! You are The Weakest Link… goodbye!

Here are my 10 questions:

  1. You have one wish – what is it?
  2. To be or not to be?
  3. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen?
  4. Do you prefer your Mum or your Dad? Why?
  5. Who is your favourite band?
  6. What would you change about yourself? Why?
  7. Ham or Cheese?
  8. What is your favourite TV show? Why?
  9. If you could control the future or the past – which one?
  10. What would you name your alter ego?

Aaaaaaaaaaand the nominees are:

By now, I’m sure the BBC have ended their showing of the Sports Personality of the Year – now it is time for me to end mine! Don’t you worry, there are plenty of imaginary sandwiches at the back of the room and you can also pay a visit to the imaginary cocktail bar to end what has been an incredible night. Thank you for reading and let’s hope ITV read this and make this an annual televised event! Who am I kidding, my fingers will be crossed for all eternity until that happens…

3 thoughts on “Live From His Dad’s iPad – WordPress Presents The AdrianCharlieHoran Blog Awards!

      1. Three piece suit, and here I thought my blog was rubbing off on you. Joking. Congrats on all the nominations. Huzzah and all that. 🙂

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