It’s… It’s Not You, It’s Me!

LOOK AT THE SAD KITTY! Why is it sad, might you ask? Mate, because it’s clearly photoshopped! Okay, buddy, no heckling we have a sad kitten, here, show some respect. I’ll tell you why this little kitty is sad – because sadly AdrianCharlesHoran has to go without a new, lovely post tonight. *Boos extensively*, tell me about it, I know! It’s… it’s not you it’s me. Whilst I may be rubbish at juggling in a physical manner (if you ever see me attempting to juggle? Flee for your own safety!) I’m also not so great in a metaphorical sense, either. Today has been an incredibly manic day and I’m afraid this blog will have to remain untouched until my next posting day as it’ll be the same for the next few days. Don’t you worry, readers, I’ll take up juggling AND I’ll be sure to do my blog on the Saturday as opposed to the Sunday just for making a young kitten cry. I know, I know, who does that! In time, this kitty will find happiness. You may sleep calmly tonight, I’ve got this covered! There’s a whole collection of posts on my blog for you to take a gander at, so don’t be afraid to check them out. If you do? Well, let me show you just what a little bit of reading can do:

Just look at that cheeky smile! I think we know what’s at stake here…

9 thoughts on “It’s… It’s Not You, It’s Me!

  1. Yay! Same with me. I feel empty and lonely if I haven’t read and written anything. Now my hands are full and it is difficult to joggle both hahaha

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