Good Job Little Blogger!

Go on, you deserve a pat on the back! This is something that I long for in life; yet, just like his manly friend ‘the handshake’ and his other, slightly metrosexual buddy ‘the hug’, we can’t use them once we receive them. In a physical sense, I mean. Think about birthdays – you’re celebrating a day where close friends and family hold the meaning of ‘Well done, you! *Insert number here* years ago, you were conceived!’. Regardless of the fact it was not by your own doing (you’ve heard the birds and the bees – I think you know whose doing it was by) you want rewards just being you. However, we can’t help but quote Stewie Griffin when we merely receive a card:


Okay, despite us being incredibly materialistic just one day a year (well, make that two considering the camp, sparkly day of Saint Nick/Jesus Christ arriving in twenty-three days time), I see the point behind it. We can’t spend this card, we can’t really give it to others but… it sure is nice to receive one. It’s the same behind the ever-growing mystery of a ‘Pat On The Back’. Why does gently patting your hand onto someone’s back (the key word is gently. No harder, people, you don’t want to be charged for assault!) mean such a great deal? Surely a note with Queen Lizzy’s face on it would do the trick nicely? Wipe those pound signs from your eyeballs, Scrooge! After all, now that it’s the festive season, it’s all about the sentiment.

I remember back in primary school (Ahhh the days when you could draw a giant heap of a mess which you called a ‘spider’ and be congratulated for. Now? I just admit I can’t draw!) we had these certificates given out every Friday for ‘A Job Well Done’. Whether it because you sat upright during an entire production of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, or for getting 20/20 on a spelling test. Heck, even for just learning that eating felt tip pens isn’t good for you! Every so often it’s just encouraging to know that you’re doing something right. It stimulates us to possibly just do it all over again and get another certificate. However, I know that the ‘Pat On The Back’ isn’t for all of the ‘arse-kissers’ (no comment, cheeky people) and ‘goody two-shoes’ – sometimes we need a bit of praise even if we aren’t doing the right thing. If you’ve seen ‘The One Where Joey Speaks French’ on ‘Friends’ – you’ll get where I’m coming from. Even though his French was, ermmm… different to what the director wanted, he still congratulated him afterwards with ‘Good job, little buddy. That was some really good French. But I think we’re gonna go with someone else for the part.’ Okay, this may have been because Phoebe said he was retarded, but you get the picture. Whether we’re doing it right or wrong, it feels good to receive several taps on the back from either our own hand or somebody elses. Though, you might look silly tapping your own back, remember that!

Recently, I’ve received a pat on the back in the form of another blogging award. This is your real mother speaking, a humorous, witty and honest mother/story writer nominated me for what is known as ‘The Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Her blog is such a brilliant read and I’d really recommend you check it out, she deserves numerous pats on the backs!

Before I place this award on my metaphorical ‘Award Shelf’, I am required to tell you seven, interesting things about myself and my personal life. No judgements, people, I am willing to embarrass myself publicly for you people! Here we go:

  1. I’ve only ever broken one part to my body. No, no not my heart, I’m not that soppy. It was in fact my arm. When I was 8, myself, Dad and my brother went to play football at the field. Being a young David Beckham (I’ll let you judge this once), I start passing the ball between my legs, slipped on it and landed on my arm. Yes, I fouled myself! I’d never cried and laughed so much in one, single moment – though wearing a cast for a month wasn’t so funny!
  2. My ‘star-sign’ is Taurus i.e. I am a bull in our world ‘the china shop’. So be kind and buy me sweets every once in a while, or else I might just go all ‘HULK SMASH’ on you. I’m generally a nice person, but if astrology says other wise? I ain’t one to argue!
  3. My advent calendar of choice is a festive Homer Simpson one. It’s been the same for four years and counting. Yet ‘D’oh D’oh D’oh Merrrrrry Christmas!’ still gets me every time. I’m easily amused I’ll have you know.
  4. My mobile phone is a ‘Samsung Galaxy Ace’. Ironically, I have no more knowledge of our galaxy since its purchase and I’ll go as far as to say that it is not ace, considering it is currently blocking incoming text messages. Does someone need to change its title? I think so! At least they got the ‘Samsung’ part right *applauds sarcastically*.
  5. Recently, I dressed up as ‘Fred’ with my twin brother ‘George’ for a Harry Potter ‘dress-up’ day. After much effort and persuasion, my Mum called it quits and allowed us to completely spray our hair bright ginger. Surprisingly, we weren’t beaten up! Our friends said it was ‘an early christmas miracle’ to see and passing drivers never failed to look at our *ahem* ostentatious appearance. Who knows – J.K. Rowling might ring us up if ever she makes an eighth book! My fingers are still crossed…
  6. I’m a sucker for learning new accents. I did GCSE Drama two years ago and my poor throat had to engage in a lot of multicultural shenanigans. Whether it be doing an impression of a black righteous vicar, a German, Gok Wan, Bubbles Devere from Little Britain, a T-Rex or Santa Clause? Let’s just say I’m one helluva time at parties! I’m still working on my clown impression, though, it’s a work in progress.
  7. My favourite morning drink is apple juice. Seriously, every single morning. If you were to receive a sample of my blood, it will most definitely consist of more apple juice than blood. No funny ideas, buddy, don’t go checking now, this is my apple juice fluid!

The reward also expects me to select 7 ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ who also deserve this award. I can’t get away with receiving this award that easily:

Please do extensively pat these people on the back and check them out! I must end this post here, folks, as I now let my Christmas festivity ooze from me as I revise for a Biology mock test. *Sigh*, this pat better be worth it…

19 thoughts on “Good Job Little Blogger!

  1. I love that you dressed up as one of the Weasley twins. They were fantastic. Broke my heart when one of them died before the end of the series.

    As for accents, I, too love them….and I’m a pretty good mimic. Thanks to an old friend from Australia, I have that one down pat. I can do an excellent kababayan Filipino one, too. My Hispanic friends tell me I mimic them pretty well, also. Can’t quite do the Italian New Yorker, but give me time…;-)

    Congrats on your award.

  2. Yet another great post and another admirable award! (I have yet to sit down and write of my own award, which you so nobly bestowed upon me. I feel as if I’ve been knighted!)

    Congratulating people is a subject that always interested me, or rather, the lack of congratulating people or even ourselves. I salute you for bringing awareness to this topic and believe it is so important for us to express our praise of others as well as love for ourselves.

    As for the 7 things you mentioned…I love that you dressed up with your twin as the Weasleys. Amazing. And secondly, as someone who reads astrology, I can say that the Taurus will benefit you quite a lot, considering they take diligence to a whole new level and persist no matter what. Great integrity. Great vision.

    All that said, congratulations on receiving another round of praise. You whole-heartedly deserve it .

    1. Dame Madelin… I like it! It’s my pleasure, you deserved it 🙂 That’s just the problem now-a-days, we just get so concerned with our own lives that we just forget to see the good that others or doing – they deserve a bit of recognition now and again! We could let the oppurtunity go amiss – our genetics and our enthusiasm towards dyeing our hair ginger demanded it! Well fingers crossed I fulfill what the stars want of me, without unleashing my concealed ‘Taurus Rage’ of course. What star-sign are you can I ask? Thank you so much, your message has pricked up this very tired teenager 🙂

      1. Why I was glad to be of service! And again, I’m in complete agreement with you. As for my sign, I’m a Scorpio. As it happens, one of my greatest passions happens to be astrology and I’d be happy to look into your chart for you (so many more components than the ‘sign’, you’d be quite surprised, I am sure). Hoping that you find yourself less fatigued today!

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