The Good, The Bad… But, Which One Is The Ugly?

*Sigh*, I really could do with this every single morning, considering the news doesn’t have a wonderful reputation for giving me my daily dose of ‘goodness’! Whether it be another Saville story that managed to remain secret for so long, or another rocket fired by an Israelite in vain for a cause he possibly doesn’t understand he is fighting for, I wouldn’t really consider the news to be as appetizing as the title ‘BBC Breakfast’ makes it out to be. I think I’ll stick to my Weetabix and apple juice, thanks! Every now and again, I’ll see a lighting news article talking about a new, genetic discovery or how Boris Johnson takes delight in doing the ‘Mobot’ (that as well as getting stuck on a zipline? I award him for being ‘The World’s Most Daft Politician’). Though, just like weighing the two chosen contestants on an episode of ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’, there is an incredible unbalance. Am I the only one who sees that the bad outweighs the good? We strive to be good, human beings; yet we’re surrounded by negative lines such as ‘Your economy is failing you – prepare to be skint!’ and ‘The price of alcohol is going up – prepare to be sober!’ Okay, so the second one is open to interpretation. Regardless, it begs me to ask the question – which one should we choose?

The little old lady waits impatiently on the side of the road. You have two choices:

  1. Help her across the road like the ‘Good Samaritan’ you were called to be, receive your reward of a peck on a cheek coupled with a ‘Why thank you, dear!’
  2. Select your baseball bat, beat the helpless pensioner to a pulp and walk along the road with your prized $2 in hand and buy yourself a well deserved hot dog.

Recognize the reference? For those who were 18+, or just had parents who were ‘open to agreement’, you’ll have been faced with this decision umpteen times on the infamous video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Whilst it gave many teenage boys an excuse to unleash their testosterone by crashing a stolen ambulance into a nearby bank, it made me think just about the consequences of falling on a spectrum. If I said my ‘Ps and Qs’ and drove an innocent bystander from one point to another, then in this magical, clear-cut world I’d be considered a ‘good person’. However, if ever the little devil standing on my pixellated character’s shoulder started shouting ‘GO ON, BE BAD YOU’LL GET XP’, then my character felt obliged to run around shooting like a maniac, taking on every police chopper and tank that came his way. Look out, we got a badass over here! They both have their benefits – but, which one should you choose? Oh, who am I kidding, the second option is much more fun! This isn’t reality, it’s just an excuse to blow off some steam/ something up. Why do we love do it if we’re good people in real life? For once, is it good to be bad?

Whilst it may be a song about, well, the title really does give it away, Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ has one line that I think actually makes a lot of sense, despite it’s connotations:

I can be bad, but, I’m perfectly good at it

I won’t carry that on as *Ahem, shuffles collar nervously*, it becomes inappropriate. Some of us see being ‘bad’ as a profession, putting everything they have into it and being ‘good’. Our lives, both in reality and non-reality, always have the bad guy. I really do want to make this seem like a ‘Disney’ film, but even Walt Disney has let us down – for the bad guys exist in his films, too! The Bad seem to be bent on stopping The Good, scampering their valiant efforts to do the right thing and be good role models. What are their motives? Do they just enjoy being destructive? Have they just been playing too much GTA? ‘The Incredibles’ (great film. It has humour, story, action and… a baby that lights on fire? Perfect!) seems to think that the villain came about from a fall in good. As a young, eager Incredi-Boy wished to help his role model, Mr Rejection I, *ahem*, Mr Incredible denied him the chance, to save his life. Did the little boy like this? NO, NO, NO. He turned ginger and decided to become the villain = a recipe for failure. Despite making a rookie error and ticking off a superhero family of 5, his intentions as the villain were to make himself something that his former hero never could be. Not so ugly after all? He was just bad at being good so he turned bad. See – not all evil characters had the intentions of blowing up the world!

Nevertheless, my one rule in life? Never root for the bad guys – they always lose. Whilst we may enjoy seeing the bad guy wreaking havoc along the way, we still want everything to end in a big, camp, cuddly-hug happy ending. Personally, our lives are filled with such negativity that it begins to feel difficult for us to embrace just that last, little spec of prosperity. We want to see the good guys win because they deserve to win. No one is perfect, though they hold traits and make good decisions that we want them to ‘earn the girl’ and drive away into the sunset in their Lamborghini whilst the credits roll. Now I’d certainly say that this isn’t the ugly option. Look at the shiny, shiny perks! It pays to be good and we can translate this for ourselves. Who knows whether being a kind, generous person who cares for those around them has any perks after this life? Even if it doesn’t, wouldn’t you feel better, say, giving to charity than vandalizing? For the time being, I’ll see being bad as the ugly option. I’d rather not be thrown into jail or have ‘boooo’s shouted at me as I walk down the street – I’ll leave that to the ‘Ugly Proffessionals’. We can be good and we can be perfectly good at it!

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