Dude, Dude, Wake Up! In Fact… Carry On

Oh wait… it was just a dream! If ever there were a valid enough reason to slap my forehead with the palm of my hand – it would certainly be that phrase, the one that I just wish didn’t exist. After engaging myself in a film or book that provides more ‘W.T.F.’, ‘Tug on your heart-string’ and ‘Bloody hell, that was awesome’ moments than I thought imaginable, my recent expansion of imagination is met with the most unfortunate catch. That none of it, not even the itty-bitty bits were real. Could I not have finished watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ believing that somewhere in the world, (Kansas, if ever I had to point to somewhere on the globe) there lays a yellow brick road surrounded by colourful munchkins, flying monkeys and a singing scarecrow? Okay… now that I read it back to myself, it does sound to be the image of someone who’s incredibly high (not that I would have the slightest idea), but I guess a part of me just wanted it all to be real. For just a second, it would’ve been nice for life to feel less monotonous, to feel more free if not slightly dysfunctional! What I’m attempting to get at here is – wouldn’t life feel so much different if our dreams were real?

This is something we’ve all pondered upon, just as men have thought to themselves ‘Why on earth do women wear high-heels if they’re so bloody uncomfortable?’. It still remains as one of life’s many mysteries. Yet… what even is a dream? The word itself has a different definition to different people (not as many as ‘set’ – seriously, try to define that word for me without thinking of a different one!). My psychology friend, not psycho to clarify, defined a dream as ‘A sequence of images and emotions that combine through mainly semantic ideas. It occurs subconsciously and involuntarily in the mind during sleep.’; others without the benefit of a Psychology A-Level see a dream to be ‘A revelation of secrets, our things to our hearts or goals for our lives’; or as ‘Simple Jack’ (Ben Stiller’s answer to ‘Forrest Gump’) believes them to be called in the ‘Lad’s Answer To Mean Girls’ known as ‘Tropic Thunder’, dreams are simply ‘Head Movies’. Wow… if there were to be any way of extracting my ‘Head Movies’, I’d make an absolute fortune! There is some tense stuff going up in there at night, seriously. So whether you are a Psychology student, a non-Psychology student or a ‘Simple Jack’ (which is possibly no one – Tugg Speedman made the mistake of going ‘full retard’), a ‘dream’ holds a different interpretation to each, individual person.

Regardless of whatever you choose to define it as, this concept has never remained the same as we grow up throughout our life, a bit like what exactly makes us ‘happy’. As a kid, my dreams usually consisted of me riding on a train to this place called ‘DreamLand’. Mock me, but this place was like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory that had much more on offer than ‘just chocolate’. Hot dogs, burgers, cakes and candy floss galore! The beauty of this? Shows like ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’ didn’t exist, nor did the possibility of a failure of one of my organs. Wahooooo! Do I still have this dream now? Not a chance, I haven’t had it in years. Our dreams have changed, just like everything else does with age. My dreams generally consist of me either forgetting to turn up to an exam or involving myself in a scenario that I watched on TV before I went to bed. I personally prefer my younger dreams to be honest! Though, occasionally we have that dysfunctional dream that means absolutely nothing whatsoever. We wake up the next morning, asking ourself the questions, ‘What the *bleep* did that mean?’ ‘Should I follow what it was getting at, or just laugh at how weird my brain is?’.

Okay, so the majority of a dreams help to make sense of what we bury in our subconscious. Yet, if we follow our dreams as if they’re a ‘compass’, then there is a danger of blurring the line between ‘dream’ and ‘reality’. That ‘dysfunctional dream’ we have might appear to be something downright impossible… or is it? I used to think there were things which just appeared to be impossible. A transformer used to be one of them – but who knows where engineering might take us in the future? Another one used to be a unicorn – a dash of genetic engineering here, a pinch of radiation there. Bravo – your very own horned, majestic horse! Though personally, I might dream about doing something, being something or achieving something. I’d like to take the chance to swap the word ‘dream’ for something else – ‘ambition’. When we say ‘I dream to…’, these might not necessarily be something we dream about when we go to sleep but something we hold dear as an aspiration. Don’t cling onto these aspirations too tightly, for like a giddy 7-year-old prizing a balloon in his flailing arms – it’ll pop. Why not listen to your actual dreams every once in a while? They’re bugging you for a reason!

If you’re ever wondering what to make of your life – why not pair the two of them together? I like to see that ‘aspirations’ and ‘dreams’ can be added together to make our ‘goals (‘Dreamspirations’, if you will). From this, our life can actually have our own little guideline. Next time somebody says ‘Wake up! Stop dreaming and get back into the real world!’, smile at the fact that you’ve combined the two – a sense of realism with a nice little visit to ‘DreamLand’. Whether we reach our dreamspiration is dependent on our ability. Though nothing is perfect (apart from the Toy Story trilogy. Gah what a wonderful creation), so don’t dream to be an intergalactic footballer who gets to work via spaceship. Let’s just take one thing at a time! To finish, here’s a little something to give you a good old, inspirational, kick up the backside! You are most welcome:

7 thoughts on “Dude, Dude, Wake Up! In Fact… Carry On

      1. Oh if dreams were real…I’m with you on the dream extraction though. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hook your head up to a printer? But that’s why we write, fiction or otherwise. We write so that we can create our own fantasy worlds or create distance between ourselves and the real one. That’s what language is all about. You should read Plato, when he discusses the role of the writer in the world. Fascinating. i think you would like it. Cheers Adrian.

      2. You know what, I’ve never thought about that before! I guess it is the best way for me to let the world know what is happening on ‘Planet Adrian’. What book is that might I ask? I think I’ll check it out, thanks for the read and comment, greatly appreciated 🙂

      3. Yes, yes! Art is about creating a fantasy world or commenting on the real one, among a host of other things. But that’s all philosophical territory and you could read for months without ever getting a real answer on its purpose…Kant, Aristotle, Plato, they all wrote on the role of art in the world and it strangely always has to do with dreams, with the surreal, or with the unknown. Check out the Republic by Plato, I can’t remember which chapter/book, but he discusses the role of the poet in society. He had a love/hate relationship with art, for he thought art made people forget about their real world lives, duties, and societal roles.

      4. Oh don’t worry, I’m currently studying Philosophy and Ethics A-Level – I’m used to recieving limited, concrete answers! We’ve studied all three of those figures, sadly nothing involving with the arts. Right that’s brilliant, I guess I’ll be adding a book to the shelf that now appears surprisingly smaller, thanks to my recent clearing. The reference is greatly appreciated 🙂

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