Award – The Blogger’s Reward

‘So you want to be a journalist? Okay… have you got a blog? ‘I’m afraid not… but I’m about to begin writing one!’ ‘What will it be about?’ *Awkward pause* ‘…EVERYTHING!’. This was the amusing conversation I had with a woman who visited our school wishing to discuss careers with our sixth form. Okay, so my reply MAY have projected from my mouth a tad more prosperously than I expected, but I just panicked. Yet… she was certainly impressed with my reply and to be honest – so was I.

Writing that first blog post is always going to be seen as a daunting task. Do I write in a serious manner and get my point across in a mature fashion? Do I write like a complete goofball and just be sillier than silly? My writing style was always the concept that I had difficulty grasping, initially. At first, it was just rife with cliche after cliche; then it became about as formal as formal gets *snooze*. I cringed at both attempts to write, they just weren’t me. But after a good old inspirational ‘kick up the ass’ from one of my friends, I finally grasped it. YUS! I began to finally feel comfortable with my writing style – ultimately, so did my readers. My blog has enjoyed moderate success over the past month and I’ve finally hit the first milestone – receiving a blogging award.

For me, getting a blog award was like a little kid reaching for the sweets on that infamous ‘Top Shelf’, it just wasn’t possible! The ‘taller’ kids were grabbing sweet after sweet, munching on it’s tastiness. Whereas me? I was the kid twiddling his thumbs waiting to get that bit taller. Finally – I’ve grown. Clearly this is only a metaphor, as I have this feeling that I physically can’t grow any taller (a six feet seventeen year old. Today’s youth really doesn’t get much taller than that). But, thanks to Ad-libb3d, I’ve finally reached my goal! I was honoured that he told me that my blog was fantastic and he wanted to ‘throw it around a bit’. This man is one of my favourite bloggers, a must read. He is naturally a humorous character, yet his blog posts are logical and he aims to convey a serious message. I.e. a role-model for myself, for this is the writing style I attempt to grasp in my posts. He has nominated me for the following awards:


Oooo… *ahem*, anyway, the nomination requires that I say seven things about myself. Personally, I’ve always wanted to have a conversation with Chris Martin SO, I’ll have a question and answer with the man himself. Hide your judgement, people:

So, Adrian, what do you see to be unique about yourself?

Well, Chris, genetically I see myself as somewhat of a ‘rare find’, about as rare as finding a teenager who hasn’t seen a single Harry Potter film. I am one of triplets, which includes a brother and sister. BUT there is more to this production story,  for my brother is also my identical twin! I shall give you a minute to recover from your recent mind explosion. *pauses*

You’ve been blogging for a about a month now. What even made you start in the first place? 

You write great music AND ask great questions? Anyway, I guess the primary reason I created this blog was to gain some writing experience as I wanted to become a journalist. Personally, the only things that I have chosen to write outside of school are ‘to-do-lists’ and job vacancy forms… not exactly a great level of experience. Yet, I felt as if there was another reason. As an individual, I feel the need to entertain others and make people laugh. It’s just how I work, wanting to make others happy. Also, I am a person who wishes to voice my opinions to those around me – this blog was just the perfect way to collaborate the two.

You seem like a committed individual. How often do you post on this blog?

*chuckles childishly* Ohhh you’re too kind. Rather than just choosing to blog meaningless posts, each and every day for the sake of doing so, I write at least every three days to add a bit more content and depth to my posts. ‘More bang for your buck’, as the saying goes (even though we say ‘quid’ here in England, we really should adapt that).

I write music for a career – it’s basically my life. Do you like music at all?

Nah I hate music, it’s really not my thing… SNAP, got you! I have about as much music in my life as I do oxygen. My Dad is convinced that my earphones are surgically fixed into my ear hole, I constantly listen to it as a way of relaxation, to escape from things. Ironically, the thing I escape from is also music! I play the violin at least five days a week and I have done ever since I was a child. Say… I can play a little bit of ‘Viva La Vida’ on it, want to hear it? No? *humph*

So what things just really tick you off, Adrian? 

Ohhh a plentiful. Adverts between my favourite shows, ‘Crocks’, horror movies, the ‘Go Compare’ man, ‘Hollyoaks’ and the final episode of ‘Friends’ just because it brought the end. The world would be a much better place without all of the above.

Where’s your favourite place to be in the world?

Hmm… I’d have to say Ireland. You’re surrounded by a top-class accent 100% of the time, it’s the birthplace of musical acts I worship like U2 (no offence), they’re one of the few countries that actually know how to throw a great party AND my Dad was born there – I HAVE to like it.

You look like a guy who eats food. What do you love and hate?

I’d say ham and cheese toasties, Chris, because unlike the majority of prepared meals I make, this is the one that ends up appetizing and not tasting of  ‘failure’. On the other hand, I hate ‘vomit flavoured’ jelly beans. I mean, what kind of a sick joke is that?!

The two blog awards I have received, I have the pleasure of sharing with six of my favourite bloggers. Each and every one of these blogs has a charming approach to cultural topics, whether that be aspects that affect themselves, society or both! They are enjoyable reads and I suggest that my readers should have a nosy at each one. The nominations are:

The general rules to follow after being nominated are to:

1. Mention the blogger who awarded you

2. Display the logo somewhere on your blog

3. Share seven things about yourself with your readers

4. Nominate five to ten of your favorite bloggers for the award and let them know that you’ve nominated them

There we have it – thank you for reading and I hope you manage to check out these wonderful bloggers! OH and listen to Coldplay after witnessing mine and Chris’ chat, for that could be yourself in my shoes one day.

7 thoughts on “Award – The Blogger’s Reward

  1. I’m SO with you on the vomit jelly bean things. They are a plague on humanity.

    And your awards look good over here, plus with your forwards I now have a few more blogs to follow. Many thanks Adrian.

  2. What good taste you have:). Seriously, thank-you for this. I don’t do the award thing anymore, but I always appreciate it when someone tells me they enjoy what I post.

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