Mm…mm… my dear, you have… THE GRIMM! Poor Harry Potter – he innocently turns up to his Divination class just to learn a few wizardry techniques and discovers he possesses an ‘Omen of Death’. As if school  isn’t bad enough! Not to worry, Harry, it’s probably a false claim – after all, your teacher predicted this from staring at the remains of tea leaves in a cup… seems legit? If this was the real world, Trelawney would quite possibly be labelled as a ‘loony bin’ by some people; but I guess her intentions are clear. In the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’, Divination is a class where wizards get all ‘wizardy’ by gaining knowledge of future events. Sound familiar? Whilst we might not exactly fight trolls or play giant ‘Wizard’s Chess’, Divination is something we ‘muggles’ do on a day-to-day basis – look towards the future.

Now, I don’t mean to sound like a crystal-ball gazer or a tarot card reader (though someday I’ll probably end up taking my pride out of the equation and giving them a shot), but sometimes a little prediction goes a long way. While it may be a method, that the majority of the time creates these predictions up on the spot, this is something the majority of us look at from time to time JUST to see if they’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’ – horoscopes. To a lot of people, horoscopes are about as useful to us as a tennis racket with no strings; but I don’t think it will hurt to just sneak a peek once in a while. Personally, I am a Taurus – supposedly someone who is kind and caring, but push me too far and I’m about as calm as a restless toddler. My horoscope usually works around this, today suggesting that I will ‘Divert from my regular schedule and procrastinate’. *Pfffft* I am currently writing my blog on schedule = Adrian, One, Predictions, ZERO. I am certain that many people reading today’s horoscope will laugh at how far-fetched it sounds, but it is just a small prediction based on character traits – just like the weather report, it WILL be wrong most of the time.

But regardless of accuracy to predictions, there lies a reason as to why we all wish to see what ‘the land beyond the present’ holds for us. Each and everyone one of us (unless you’re the Doctor and have access to all of space and time, no biggie) spends our life in the present. Thanks to history, we can ponder upon the past until the cows come home! Yet… what about the future? Where does that lie for us to see? Venturing into the unknown is just a part to our human nature. In my opinion, I desire to see what my life will be like for myself ahead of my own time. As a kid, I always used to sit and talk with my twin brother about what the world would be like in 100 years time. How many more James Bond films will be released, if any at all? How many more FIFA’s can be made until the world becomes sick of virtual football (just one for myself!). Will the ‘Go Compare’ man still exist, or will he just reign superior as time’s most frustrating advertising campaign/creation? These are aspects that I could speculate about, but do I possess any genuine answers to these questions? Sadly not – for the future doesn’t ‘care to share’ with his buddy, the present.

The very first time my mind was exposed to the future was when I watched ‘Back to the Future’. I remember seeing good ole Marty hitting that 88 m.p.h. in his DeLorean and transporting into a distant future, where Jaws would be back for a  ‘really, really personal’ revenge in Jaws: 19 and the city was just littered with hover-car after hover-car as far as Marty’s baffled eye could see. Years passed, time me and my brother spent chuckling at the fact that Jaws was only on its fourth and entry, whilst  the world’s strongest men spent their time making cars ‘hover’ above the ground higher than any scientist could! Yet now, I can’t help but admire writers like Bob Gale who just use their imagination to present how the world around them would look in the future. This is something that all of modern civilization appears to be doing, whether that be films, video games or technology – everyone wants a piece of that ‘futuristic cake’ that’s… not even been baked yet? Wow… I think I’ve just created the world’s most confusing cliche!

Whilst Hermione Granger quite literally spends her hours pondering through the past to get a little extra work done (*tsk*, what a… oh who am I kidding, we’d all love a ‘Time Turner’) , the ‘Men in White’ spend theirs attempting to create time travel to earn a ‘sneak preview’ of tomorrow’s today. Okay, so I applaud them on their efforts; however I feel stepping into the future to witness what lies ahead shouldn’t be as large an issue as people create. Personally, I just feel that all of us should live today and live tomorrow when tomorrow finally does arrive in its own time, if you pardon the pun! As Dean Acheson said in the past, ‘Always remember that the future comes one step at a time’. The future doesn’t need us right now. So let’s just daydream about exploring the stars someday, read the occasional, mediocre horoscope and hope that where we’re going? Well – we won’t need roads.

12 thoughts on “The Future? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need The Future

    1. Haha well I’m glad I could help! Thank you for the feedback, just checked out your blog, it’s coming along great keep it up 🙂

  1. I nominated you for an award – not sure if you accept these things or not, but it’s there if you’d like it. No offense taken if it’s not your thing, but your blog is fantastic and I just wanted to throw your name round a bit. Cheers.

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