Calm Down, Dear. It’s Only Life!

I just want to tear my own hair out! There it is folks – that infamous cliché that rears its ugly head every time life begins to become difficult for us. In fact, I’ve heard the phrase being thrown around from time to time this week (even by one of my balding teachers, which… isn’t the most appropriate phrase considering their dwindling levels of keratin!). At a young age, life is just a care-free paradise, where our worries will magically just resolve themselves without even giving them a second thought. Sure, you might say that even as we grow up, ignorance is bliss. Yet no matter how simple we make our lives, that certain concept persists to be a part of our lives without question. Think of it as that annoying kid who persists to add you on Facebook even though you decline his requests… *Tsk*, frustrating times! If you haven’t guessed it, I’ll give you a clue. Well, it’s not really a clue, I’m just going to tell you to ruin the suspense:


*Shudder*, now that is one of the most hated words in my vocabulary. I feel that word just by uttering that word! To be honest, anything I do seems to make me become stressed. Now this isn’t so difficult, considering my life is a giant juggling act (metaphorically speaking of course, I really do suck at juggling). To sum up, I am committed to playing the violin, I am currently studying for my A-levels, I am a consistent blogger, I am the Editor of the school newsletter, I have an active social life, I visit Church on a regular basis… *pants heavily for breath*, basically A LOT. If one of those slides out of perspective, then stress just casually strolls into my life. Personally, I like to see it as an unwelcome visitor who really does not understand the phrase ‘Do one, please?’. Now, surely I am not alone in this scenario? Life seems to just throw one thing after another at us and we are expected to casually tackle each problem, one at a time- if only life were so easy. Stress piles up and our body is expected to do the ‘dirty work’ and handle it all. This can become incredibly harmful if stress amounts to a high level. Here is where my Biology A-level comes in handy! It can mean a lack of sleep, a reduction of brain activity and an increase in blood pressure, i.e. hypertension. Do I like the sound of that? Naaaaah. Do I want to change all of that? Why, yes please.

My Mum recently bought me this book (mamma’s boy I know…) called ‘The Now Show Book of World Records’. It’s basically the Guinness World Records made by comedians – brill’. There was a section which discussed the silliest things blamed on the ‘Credit Crunch’. The range is just bizarre  from ‘Racism at football grounds’ to ‘The breakdown of trust in society’. Whilst this was just poking fun at the situation, it made me realise how stress makes us shift the blame to something else. For example, if I’m stressed and break something at school, I tend to shift the blame to my best friend (9 times out of 10 he takes the bullet for me. Aww what a guy). This isn’t a great thing to do. Rather than being slightly immoral and shifting the blame to someone else, we should just learn not to become stressed in the future. ‘Chillax’, as I’m still saying in a rather uncool fashion these days. I found this quote by William James which stated that ‘The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.’ Clever stuff, Mr James. Seriously, he’s right. Every once in a while, I just take my mind away from my busy, slightly dysfunctional schedule by sticking my feet up, plugging those earphones in and just taking a nap. Honestly, it’s para-para-paradise (I’m so sorry).

Fear not, readers, for stress isn’t always an *insert derogatory word here*. I read an article on ‘MSN’, which stated that it is healthy to have stress, but only in small doses. Stress has been proven to allow us to complete those daunting tasks. It sparks that rush of adrenaline that provides a surge of energy to make the impossible, well… possible! We feel in control of ourselves as an individual, but also (Biology time) it helps fight infection and reduce our heart rate. I apologize, stress, you shouldn’t have to ‘Do One’. Just… be sure not to outstay your welcome, okay?

So there we have it – my own little insight into the mysterious little world of stress. Hopefully this proves to be a thorough read but it also has helped my readers. What can I say? Biology student an’ all 🙂

4 thoughts on “Calm Down, Dear. It’s Only Life!

  1. The only sad thing is that in a world where the young love to create their own drama and make the older people stress over trying to deal with their created stress how can we all chill? Sure there’s the relaxation tapes, hobbies, and cleaning but even they have a limit. What’s worse is there seem to be more people susceptible to “imagined” stress these days and even more rushing for it. Hard for people to chill when they seem so eager for creating their own stress.

      1. True though I think I have something for everyone on it. I remember seeing some time ago a junkyard that allowed people to pay and go in to beat the ever living bolts out stuff with sledge hammers. I think we all need more of those junkyards. Saves money on equipment and earns more for the city (cities depending). Doesn’t matter what stress you have tearing something to pieces always makes people feel better.

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