*Sigh* Yes, Eric, You Can Ride The Pig Backwards

Xiang Jiang Zoo in Guangzhou, capital of southern China's Guangdong Province, has formed an animal orchestra.   The orchestra's members include a chimp on drums...

As per usual, I was looking at the ‘Weird’ section of news on the Telegraph (the one part of their website that doesn’t take itself so seriously) and came across this little, cheeky chappy on the ’30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week’. Now it’s certainly no Cadbury’s advert BUT this is an actual ape, not a guy dressed as one! Just look at him, look how much fun he’s having – for discussion purposes I’ll name him ‘Eric’. Now animals like Eric sit in zoo cages for most of the day, forced to just eat, sleep and run around without realizing he is just a bit of entertainment for paying visitors. Poor Eric. Personally, I think he’d rather wish he’d be swinging along branches in a tropical jungle somewhere, but who am I to judge what he thinks? I have no idea what he thinks, what he means by ‘Oooo oo aaaah aah’, seriously this little guy baffles me! It made me think about the way we see animals, I mean, how cool would it be to just know what life is from their perspective for a change?

I’ve always been an animal man, myself (A guy who loves animals, not like ‘Teen Wolf’ or anything). As a kid, I was just obsessed with animals, particularly dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs. You should have seen my face when Doctor Who did ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’, The Doctor AND Dinosaurs? My two favourite things together! Anyway, I was fascinated about how they live, how they act, what they think and why they think it. Now, you probably think that’s weird, but animals are just a part of our everyday lives. We intereact with them on a daily basis and they are an essential part to our ecosystem. Yet, I’ve read the occasional story in R.E. that says ‘Animals have no souls’ or ‘Humans may choose to do what they wish with animals’. Come on, religious guys, that’s a bit mean. There is a meaningful reason as to why everything exists , I don’t think we should deem animals as meaningless and insignificant. Have you seen ‘The Lion King?’ I think that just backs my point!

Take this little rascal. This is Lily, a mischievous so and so. Now if someone said she was insignificant or she had no soul, she’d quite possibly bite you. She probably wouldn’t, but still, watch out buddy. She’s the reason I love animals so much. She comes and wakes me up in a morning, strangely always at the time you need to get up; she headbutts and sniffs just about every inanimate object in my house and she chases the football whenever it makes an appearance on the telly-box  I always wonder why Lily does the things she does or what she thinks about my family. But here’s something that makes me smile when i think about it – what would she be like if she was a human? Would she be a girly-girl? Or how about an all-around tom-boy? Would we get along as well as we do now? Or would we just have numerous ‘fight to the death’s like most silblings? That’s just me being philosophical old me, but you can’t knock a guy for thinking! This is why I wait with anticipation for the future. Science and all of its sciencey amazeingess are doing research on animals and they’ve concluded that in just five years time they’ll be able to know what dolphins are actually thinking. How cool is that? *Eeeek*, come on science I’m excited already. It’d be interesting to see how animals develop, too. The world around us is constantly changing – who knows what tomorrow will bring for the animal kingdom? Hopefully cats don’t turn evil like in ‘Cats and Dogs’, that film is just an insult to all cat lovers.

But for the mean time, let’s just watch the below video and smile at how great animals are. Not spiders though, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets put me off spiders. *Shudder*

2 thoughts on “*Sigh* Yes, Eric, You Can Ride The Pig Backwards

  1. I have that pig and monkey video on my Facebook page! Payback for me posting the “Chicken in a Biscuit” song on his page. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for the laugh and for subscribing to my blog 🙂

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