You Suck.

I’m relatively new to the blogging world, but I can already say that it’s a fun place to be. If something, anything at all, sparks an interest in me? Then I tend to transition that from my head, onto my ‘iPad’, and just blog it! The self-satisfaction that follows from clicking that ‘send’ button is incredibly rewarding. Seeing your views for the day go up, a ‘like’ here and a ‘like’ there, it makes the time you spent creating that idea worthwhile. In my own little world, I want everyone to enjoy reading it and just say to me ‘Woooo Adrian, that was a great post, nothing wrong whatsoever!’. But realistically – that won’t always happen. One of my friends said that a previous post of mine wasn’t quite to their taste and, well… I kind of ‘spat my dummy out’, so to speak!

And it got me thinking, this was only a piece of constructive criticism to improve my writing skills. Sure it took me a while to see that, but not everyone takes a negative point well. This question kept running through my head at this point: Should we be always be good at taking criticism, or is it okay to be a little sour?

Nine times out of ten I’d agree with the first one. If someone makes a mature criticism of something you’ve done, rather than ‘sugar coating’ it, then you’d accept the advice that’s given to you, become the better person, and just learn from your mistakes in future circumstances. But then that bit of criticism comes along once in a while that you can’t agree with, can’t learn from, and just don’t feel it’ll make you a better person. At all.

Immature mode = on.

If someone attempts to criticise you with something like ‘This is just stupid, your point isn’t necessary… You suck’, this is not a reasonable point at all. Can you learn from this? Not really. Can you respond in an inappropriate way? Ohhhhh yes! Here are a few ways to do so:

1.Continuously spam the words ‘Thank You’. This means you have considered their point of view… Or so they think?

2.If you know another language, speak it – this will hopefully confuse the critic, and make them move on to criticise someone else.

3.Repeat everything they say – simple, yet effective.

Now that’s what I like to call ‘Destructive Criticism’! It’s fun in certain circumstances, but in all seriousness, if someone wants to make you a better person using constructive criticism? Don’t do the above, consider their point of view and use it to grow as a person.

Hopefully this post appears a good read, but also it answers the myths of criticism!

6 thoughts on “You Suck.

  1. Great points and I agree with them fully. I try to write for me. Hopefully along the way others will like or appreciate it. Either way, good comments or bad comments, if somehow some sort of emotion was evoked from my writing them I have done my job. Good stuff and I thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours.

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