Back To It All Again…


‘Back To School’, those three words that you see just about everywhere in your summer holidays, and just can’t seem to avoid. You tend to see them and think ‘*pffffft*, I have weeks left until then, that time won’t come for ages!’ But after all the countless lie-ins and late nights, you find yourself waking up at ‘crazy o’clock’  in the morning, wiping the dust off of that uniform and running out of that door before you miss that bus!

We all have that different opinion of the first day back; for some, it’s a great relief to see friends and teachers again; for those nerds (that’s a bit cruel, I’ll put a euphemism on it: ‘education-hungry kids’), they can’t wait to get back and fill their heads with limitless knowlege; and for others? Well… their routine of pajama days and Jeremy Kyle marathons is ruined!

For me personally, I want that first day to be the ice-breaker, the one where after emptying your brain’s knowledge of the information you spent an academic year learning, you just want to give it a little kick start and get the ball rolling. That may be everyone’s ideal first day, but for some teachers – they want that head of yours filled up again like Summer never happened. And so… we bid farewell to ‘couch potato mode’, and may the grueling school routine begin once again!

Heck, it had to end SOMETIME, right?

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